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Who We Are

We create success for our clients using web-based applications. With more than 15 years of experience and hundreds of satisfied clients, we know how to give you the most effective and strategic web presence possible, putting your needs first. Let us put our experience and expertise into making your website the best it can be.

What is a web-based application?

Think of it as a website with brains. Imagine your website being able to do a range of tasks, from e-commerce or event registration to more complicated tasks, such as managing all aspects of your customer data. Want to track everything your customers buy or do with your company? The possibilities are endless. And we can make it happen for you.

Why have my product custom built?

Your organization is unique, and so should the software that runs it. You deserve more than a cookie cutter, out-of-the-box web product. Too often we have seen a company modify their customer service strategies because their website, their main client communication too, does not have the ability to perform specific tasks. These shortcuts, or compromises, will result in lost revenue, lost savings, and lost clients. Why change how you do business to fit your website? That’s backwards. We believe your website can, and should, be a reflection of you. We can build your website to perform specific tasks, tailor-fit to your business and your needs.

Our Approach

Aesthetics is an important part of any web project, but it’s just a start. We have a proven, four-step approach that not only analyzes your overall goals and needs, but takes in the strategic execution that is critical for a successful project. We call it “The Four D’s:” Discover, Determine, Develop, and Deliver.

Throughout your project’s lifecycle, you will have a single point of contact who will not only guide you through the entire process of planning, design, programming and implementation, but who will be there for you long after your site is up and running. This personal connection improves communication and makes your job easier. No more running between different departments or being sent to the wrong contact.

01. Discover

Listen to the client and learn about their business and the high level goals and objectives for the project. This is usually the most important stage of the project, because without listening to the client and discovering exactly what their goals are and how the business functions the rest of the project can easily be headed in the wrong direction.

02. Determine

After hearing what you need and want, we form a plan to meet those goals in the most effective and efficient way possible. We’ll present a variety of options, with pros and cons of each, giving you a menu of web applications to choose from that will all work for you. Your business, your choice.

03. Develop

Once the plan has been set the design and programming begins, and the project comes to life. The size of your project determines the length of time it spends in Development. You will be involved at every stage checkpoint for a review process. Once programming is complete, there is a final review and testing before we move on to the next phase. Always, you are empowered to monitor progress to ensure your needs are met.

04. Deliver

After every “t” is crossed, and all testing and reviews are complete, we launch. But our job doesn’t end there. We continue to supervise your product as long as necessary to ensure it’s running smoothly in real-life scenarios. Once we’re all satisfied that your custom-built website is functioning exactly as planned, we conduct a final, detailed review and make any necessary adjustments to optimize its effectiveness.



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«Linear Method has been a great partner for us as we have continued to develop and expand our online presence. We have brought many complicated projects to them and we have always been pleased with the results.»

David McElyea,
E-Commerce Manager

«Mike has been our developer for more than 5 years. Working with him has been a pleasure because he is a dependable, solid programmer that finds a way to meet all our needs. He goes out of his way to establish a good working relationship with his clients.»

Sue White,
Water Research Foundation