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Linear Method develops a version of Moye White's website for mobile users

June 15, 2012

Denver, CO: June 2011 - Over the last few years since the release of the Moye White website they have been praised for their unique and creative layout and design to their site.  The creativity and uniqueness of the site mirrors their business.  However as more and more users have been using mobile devices to access their site it became evident that their creative layout was a handicap with mobile users as it didn’t translate well to a small screen.  

To solve this problem Linear Method has released a mobile version of the site.  Anytime the site is visited on a mobile device the user is redirected to the mobile version.  This is a scaled down version since users tend to read less on mobile devices compared to full size computers.  In addition, things like contact information for all their attorneys are very easy to find along with photos of each attorney.  
About Moye White
Moye White, a leading law firm in Denver, offers strategic representation in complex commercial transactions and disputes.  Their clients range from entrepreneurs and startups to mid-sized and established corporations, organizations, and associations. they also provide local counsel services for many national law firms.
About Linear Method
Linear Method is one of the premier custom software development companies in the Denver region.  With over 15 years of experience Linear Method works on everything from CMS, CRM, E-commerce, reservation systems to more specific solutions such as custom Google mapping solutions, and a wide variety of automation processes just to name a few.   

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