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March 16, 2011

Why one person is better than two

Filed under: Customer Service — Mike Jaltuch @ 11:37 pm

I recently was looking to get a merchant account for another venture I am starting. Over the past 8 years I have a great person that I’ve been using for my clients. He is a small business where the owner manages all contact with his customers, similar to how I operate Linear Method.

When I went to the bank to setup the checking account they pointed me to a partner they use for merchant accounts. For some reason I took their advice instead of going with the person I have used with other clients.

Over the next week I would soon regret my decision and learn a little something in the process.

I called the company and was referred to a sales person. After telling him about my business he sent me an application which I promptly filled out and send back to him. After 3 days and hearing nothing I followed up with him and was informed I needed to call another person who would be processing my application. It seemed the sales person was no longer involved.

After calling the second person I was informed it would be looked at shortly. After another two days of no news I called the second person again and was told my application was denied. After asking why, I was informed I was sent the wrong application for my type of business and it never had a chance of being approved.

I actually had to ask her to send me the correct application and was then told she couldn’t do it and I had to get it from my sales person. A little irritated that he screwed up the first time I asked her to have him send it to me.

Another two days later and no news, I called up the sales person and he said he was busy and would send it to me when he had a chance.

I finally thought — enough is enough! The heck with this company, I’m doing what I should have done the first time and go to my regular person. Three days later my account was setup and working. Between questions and minor problems I needed to have several calls throughout the three day process. All communication has handled by one person who knew exactly what was going on. There was no one passing the buck to someone else.

To me this is how business should be done and why with Linear Method from day one we have managed our clients the exact same way. Our clients will have a single point of contact from the day they first talk to Linear Method until their project is complete and even years down the road when they are doing updates.

This means no worrying about someone not knowing ever detail about you and your project. No passing the buck and no communication problems. I feel the end result is a much higher level of customer service.

The funny part about this story is 2 weeks later I received a follow up call from the first company asking if I was ready to fill out the second application. I explained that due to poor customer service on their end and after they wasted over a week of my time, I decided to use another company and was already set up with my merchant account.

Their response was… “Ok sir, but we have several other lines of products from insurance to various financial products. Would you be interested in anything like that today?”

I guess some people just don’t get it.