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February 9, 2010

Experts are there for a reason… use them

Filed under: Website Development, Your Business — Mike Jaltuch @ 9:55 pm

If you need open heart surgery, would you rather have an expert perform the operation or a general doctor that sort-of knows what they are doing?

The answer is obvious, so why is it such a tough question in your business?

It’s my guess because most people are thinking short term costs instead of long term expenses. By this I am referring to the short term cost of hiring an expert vs the long term expense of what it will cost in the long run in problems by trying to save a few dollars.

I recently had a client who tried to manage his own mail server. Even though I only develop his website and have nothing to do with his email, I kept getting calls asking questions about his email server and configuration. I can only assume because he was lost and grabbing at the first person he could think of.

Over several months as he kept making changes in his business and internal network they continued to have problems. And I continued to get calls asking for help.

Eventually I recommended that he use the email company I use myself for my business. It’s a company that only does email as that is what they are experts in. I’ve been using them for almost 2 years with no problems and a dedicated team who understand email inside an out to help if I happen to have any problems.

This client finally took my advice and within a week I received another call saying how great everything is working from his outlook to web-based email and even his blackberry integration. As a result of using an expert for something which is not his core competency, he can now focus his efforts on what he is most competent at – running his business.

A website is another great example of using an expert. I have had several clients who tried to develop their own sites, some who even hired a single person for all aspects of their web presence. The problem is that they are getting back to using a generalist. Not too many individuals are experts at design, programming, databases, marketing, copy writing, and project management just to name a few of the specialists we utilize as an agency. If you are lucky enough to find someone willing to take on all these tasks, most likely they are not an expert in any of them.