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March 8, 2010

Website Hosting Options

Filed under: Website Development — Mike Jaltuch @ 10:15 pm

One issue everyone who has a website needs to deal with is hosting. At Learn Method, since we are strictly a website design and development agency so we don’t do any website hosting. The advantage of situation is that it puts us in a very unbiased role to recommend a hosting solution.

As I often tell clients, this is a not-too-common but very good situation where our interests are exactly the same. It’s in my best interest to help you find reliable hosting for the lowest possible price. The reasoning is simple.

If I direct a client to a hosting solution with frequent problem the one usually getting the calls is the web developer. This is followed up by us contacting the hosting company to resolve the issue and usually having to spend time to prove it’s a hosting issue and not a coding one. This is wasted time as nothing is gained by us or the client. Therefore, it’s in our best interests to find a website hosting provider that will provide the most stable easy to manage solution.

When your site goes down, and be prepared that at some point it will go down since no computer is immune to issues, you want a hosting solution which can quickly deal with any issue at any time. Remember that computer problems usually occur at the least convenient times.

Our recommendation is usually very simple and addresses a single question first asked by many clients.

We have an IT person and a net work so can’t we just host the site internally at our office?

My recommendation on this decision is the same 100% of the time—use a professional hosting company.

Over the past 10-15 years prices have come down so low that it’s virtually impossible to duplicate the level of service internally that you will receive with a hosting company for the same cost. Any decent hosting company will have redundant connections to the internet, backup power, daily backups, and 24×7 tech support on the premise to offer support when needed. This cannot possibly be matched for the price offered by most companies today.

Try hosting internally and you might feel like you are saving a few dollars, but what happens when your server goes down at midnight on Friday? This recently happened to a client who hosts internally and the site was down until the IT department returned to work on Monday to fix the problem.

Once the decision has been made to use a professional hosting company, we make recommendations based on the specifics of the project. Issues such as server platform needed, project size and expected volume are just some of the criteria looked at before recommending a specific provider.