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9Health Fair

Type:Web, Scheduling, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), CMS (Content Management Systems), Process Management
Industry:Health & Medical
Scope of work:Layout / Design, Database, Programming

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About the company

The 9Health Fair is the largest of its kind in the Rocky Mountain region, providing free and low-cost health screenings and raising educational awareness that has helped save thousands of lives. This vital organization is made possible by a force of over 19,000 volunteers, all of whom depend heavily on their website to conduct the health fairs.

The website's impact

Because of its unique outreach to hundreds of thousands of people, the 9Health Fair needed a custom-built website that could serve two separate audiences and perform strategic and complex functions for both.

  • The public: Across the region, people wanting access to the health care and educational information at a 9Health Fair use the website to locate fair sites, specific screenings, schedules, and to find general health information. Linear Method created user friendly pages for an audience whose internet skills range greatly in ability.
  • The staff and volunteers: While the website serves as a face for the public, the majority of its usage comes from the staff and the extensive volunteer base. The statistics are almost overwhelming: 9Health Fair conducts 200 events annually that vary in size, time, content, and location. With an operation this size, the website needed to be a tool that mobilized both human and material resources that enables the organization to accomplish its mission. As each fair is unique, staff is able to track supplies, allocate resources, make schedule adjustments, expand, troubleshoot, and meet each fair’s needs. All this in a matter of minutes versus days. Their custom-tailored website has bought them valuable time, reduced errors, and saved money.