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Web Design and Programming Skills

HTML Coding

Businesses frequently look at HTML as one of the more basic web programming skills when developing a website. As a result correct techniques are often overlooked. This can prevent a site project from accomplishing its goals.

When most people go to a website, their focus is on how it looks instead of how it was built. However, just as important as the look is what the user cannot see. The programming that goes into the web development such as good design, quality HTML, attention to CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), DHTML and JavaScript are all essential in efficiently transforming what is envisioned by the design team into an interactive website.

Many factors such as the web technologies used and how thorough the web development has been done directly influence the following characteristics of the site:

Web Database Development

Since we focus on custom web development, each project is built to the specific requirements and needs of the customer. Whether it's for something common like e-commerce or something completely unique, we work with you to scope the project to assure that your specific objectives are addressed.

Initial Planning
Our process starts with overall planning. Before any database development begins, we will analyze your needs to determine the technology requirements. This allows us to start to plan the correct solution and architecture.

Data Modeling
All data, data relationships, and data uses will be analyzed. This helps us determine the most effective way to develop the schema for the application.

User Flow
Specific tasks that users need to accomplish are analyzed to determine the most effective and efficient ways to get the job done. Everything is looked at from user roles to data flow in making the users tasks as simple as possible.

Data Size
Establishing the size and quantity of the data is necessary to determine the most effective methods for storing and searching within the site. A data set with a hundred records may be structured differently than one with a million records.

Will the application be integrated with outside or third party systems? If so, this may determine which technologies are utilized or how the data is structured.

Following these steps allows us to eliminate unnecessary time on the project and assures a strong foundation for greater flexibility for growth in the future.

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